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Here you’ll find a little bit of everything. There are historic villages, thermal springs, mountain communities devoted to design, the world’s largest waves, castles, canals, cherries and wine. In a region so varied – so steeped in history – all visitors can really hope to gather are snapshots; vignettes of life and legacy in a destination that defies definition and seeks to surprise.


Located on the coast of the Center region and belonging to the district of Coimbra, Figueira da Foz is the owner of a unique natural beauty, historical and cultural heritage, gastronomic flavor and richness, people with warmth and quality of life inviting to who wants to discover (their) center.

Anyone who knows the city’s secrets confirms that it is a treasure that deserves more and more everyone’s attention, as it also has the potential to please everyone. From the urban and semi-wild beaches with extensive sand and waves for all tastes, from the terraces and restaurants by the sea and river, to the hotels that offer a breathtaking and long view and an inviting seafront for long walks or energetic walks, the our county still breathes culture and tradition.

The Serra da Boa Viagem route offers Jurassic remains and a viewpoint over the city. The salt pans, the Salt and Sea Museum Centers guarantee a thousand discoveries, Cabo Mondego awaits you next to a lighthouse and the Arts and Shows Center offers you a unique program of events.

Evening and entertainment are guaranteed. With Bairro Novo offering itself as a destination of many good moments to share with family and friends, with the Casino, with the RFM Somnii – The Biggest Sunset Ever in summer, the typical festivities of the city and many others events that take place outdoors or indoors.

Figueira da Foz is the right option for the restless and for those looking for calm. You decide.