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In 1978, Figueira da Foz, saw a new project taking place, with the construction of a new Hotel – Hotel Costa de Prata. Gil Ventura dos Reis, it’s owner, fallowed is father’s steps in Hotel Managing. Albano Gomes dos Reis, was the first of many who came from Mortágua, to settle in Figueira da Foz in the area of Hotel’s and restaurants.

In 1981, the company expanded with the acquisition of Hotel da Praia, by the time one of the most important and ancient Hotels in town. After it’s rebuilding, the new Hotel Costa de Prata 2 & Spa, was born.

Nowadays, and always keeping the same managers, Costa de Prata Hotels, continue to be well known, for it’s cosy and family way of welcome you. We like to make you feel at home, nevertheless always being aware of the new modernity and comfort requirements reflected in the constant updates and remodelling of the facilities.

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